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About Us

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Tony Carson founded Kenady Fundings after spending 27 years in the mortgage industry and investing in Cincinnati real estate. Now 51 years old, Tony currently resides in Ludlow, KY, where he helps real estate investors across 43 states make mortgage loans to folks buying rental property or looking to purchase or refinance investment properties. Tony’s team of commercial property mortgage brokers show customers our investments mortgage rates, so that they can get the loan they desire, that works with their budget. Kenady Fundings works with beginner and seasoned investors by providing: Fix and Flip Loans, Bridge Loans, Multifamily Loans, New Construction Loans, Small Balance Commercial Loans, and Rental Property Loans. Kenady Fundings can get you the investment mortgage rates you seek!

The Kenady Fundings Statement of Purpose

Our Mission

Kenady Fundings is only in existence for one reason: Our team of commercial property mortgage brokers want to provide funding sources at competitive investment mortgage rates for investing in real estate. When investors build properties, buy rental properties, and improve those properties, they are the biggest stimulus to making neighborhoods and communities rebound.

Our Vision

Kenady Fundings strives to be the nation’s premier mortgage broker for investing in real estate and buying rental property. In Cincinnati and elsewhere, real estate investors need funding to make lives better for other people. Making funds available gives investors the tool they need to improve real estate and thereby improve the neighborhood. 

Our Values

Kenady Fundings believes in performing with the highest integrity. We believe in acting with passion for our goal. We believe in doing every task with excellence. Kenady Fundings believes in pursuing growth both for ourselves and for our clients. We believe in showing continuous improvement every day. We believe that communication is vital. We believe that clients should be aware of every milestone achieved.


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