Columbus Mortgage Brokers

Columbus Mortgage Brokers

Kenady Fundings Columbus Mortgage Brokers help you with many types of residential/home loans.

The preeminent investment properties mortgage brokers in the Columbus area is Kenady Fundings. We offer hundreds of mortgage loan programs to real estate investors across the country. We also licensed in 43 states to offer real estate investment loans. Our close relationship with dozens of lenders enables us to offer customised financing solutions for any investment opportunity.

A traditional home mortgage Brokers allows home buyers to purchase a place to live. Homebuyers can finance a new home by making an initial down payment and paying off the balance in 30 years. Investment property mortgages allow investors to use their down payment to maximize returns. These requirements and features distinguish them from ordinary loans.

Many types of loans tailored to specific real estate investment projects. In addition, At Kenady Fundings,  we offer investment loans for rental properties and other investment properties. We also offer project specific loans like fix-and-flip loans, bridge loans, blanket loans, construction loans, multi-family loans, small balance commercial loans, and more. Our advisors will work with you to research the right type of financing in order to make the most of your investment.

We are so glad  to provide our local expertise to real estate investors in the Columbus area. Working with 43 states, We pride ourselves on having the connections, expertise, and technology to offer unparalleled mortgage lenders services at Columbus. Get in touch with Kenady Fundings today to get started!