Whether you are a beginning investor or an expert, we have worthwhile training and examples for you here. With 27 years of experience in all types of investment property mortgage rates and rental property financing, Tony Carson is the expert in all things mortgage and investment properties. The Kenady Fundings team will share useful relevant information to assist any investor on their journey.

Frequently asked Mortgage

Investment Property FAQs

Questions for Kenady Fundings Real Estate Investment Loan Fees

How Do I Get Started With An Investment Property Mortgage Loan?

  • After reading countless blogs and articles on the internet about investment property loans you would like clarity, so first thing first, Call Tony with Kenady Fundings to set up a consultation!

What Credit Score Do I Need to Qualify For An Investment Property Mortgage?

  • All lenders have different requirements but the lowest you may see is 640

How Much Cash Do I Need To Qualify For An Investment Property Loan?

  • There is a minimum entry level of at least 25k to get started

How Much Experience Do I Need To Qualify For An Investment Property Loan?

  • None! You can be a seasoned vet or brand new to property investing!

Can I Qualify As An Individual Or Do I Need To Have A Business Entity?

  • Either! Kenady Fundings provides loans to both businesses or individuals.

What Are The Down Payment Requirements For An Investment Property Loan?

  • Downpayments will vary dependings on the property and qualifications but the minimum is at least 10 %.

What Are The Closing Costs For Investment Property Loans?

  • Closing costs are another item that varys but typically they are roughy 3 % of the sale price and at least 5k.

What Are The Terms & Conditions Of The Loan?

  • This also depends but loans we typically see are 30 year fixed rates and / or interest only options for a fix and flip (1 year bridge loan)

Do I Need To Get An Appraisal? Title and Insurance?

  • Yes, Yes and Yes! Very important to make sure your property is appraised accurately and is protected well.

What Is The Minimum Loan Amount For An Investment Property Loan?

  • Our minimum loan amount is 75k.

How Many Loans Can I Do ?

  • There is no limit!

Where Can I Get A Loan With Kenady Fundings?

  • We are available in 33 states. Call us to see if we can help you!

What Is The Typical Interest Rate For An Investment Property Loan?

  • This depends greatly on the market but investment loans are typically just 100-400 bps higher than a conventional loan.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Loan

  • The typical time frame to close a loan is between 30 – 45 days.

Who is Kenady Fundings & What Loans Do They Offer?

  • Kenady Fundings is a mortgage lender that specializes in investment property loans. Loans such as rentals, fix and flips, new construction, and mixed use property loans. Give us a call to see if we can help!
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