Kenady Fundings is the premier investment property mortgage broker for real estate investors looking for investment property loan programs across the country. Real estate investors who have used Kenady Fundings in the past trust them because they have the resources and experience to help their clients qualify and obtain the best investment loans for their projects. The personal service and firsthand investment property experience that Kenady Fundings owner Tony Carson brings, is the game changer for real estate investors.

Kenady Fundings’ investment property loan programs provide:  flip funding, loans for rental home purchases, bridge loans, multi-family loans, small balance commercial loans, even new construction loans.

Loans to Purchase Investment Property

At Kenady Fundings, our investment property mortgage brokers offer loan programs specifically designed for property investment. Many conventional lenders have more stringent requirements for mortgages on investment properties and fix-and-flip funding  because they consider an investment property a higher-risk loan. The investment property mortgage brokers at Kenady Fundings have established relationships with dozens of mortgage lenders and access to hundreds of mortgage loan programs specifically designed for investors, so we CLOSE MORE LOANS.

Investing in Real Estate
Multifamily Home Loans

One of the most versatile and potentially profitable way to grow as a real estate investor is to purchase a multifamily building like a duplex, triplex, or quadplex. Many people that prefer to live in an apartment don’t want to be in a big impersonal apartment complex, so these multifamily buildings are
very easy to keep rented out at capacity. Another great option is for an owner to buy a multi-family dwelling and live in one of the units while the rental unit(s) pay for the mortgage.

Kenady Fundings makes multifamily loans that suit the needs of investors. At Kenady Fundings our rates for multifamily loans are quite competitive and offer more flexibility because we have the resources to find the right fit for our borrower. Being in business for 27 years means we have the experience and relationships to close even the most difficult commercial and investor loans.

Investing in Real Estate
Small Balance Commercial Loans

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. When it’s time to take the plunge and move into commercial real estate which is either a 5+ unit residential property or a commercial business property, Kenady Fundings can get these loans done for you. Call Kenady Fundings and talk to Tony Carson to get the details and close that commercial loan you need to grow your business.

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Investing in Real Estate
Fix and Flip Loans

Another specialty of Kenady Fundings is financing a loan for fix-and-flip. A great strategy for real estate investors in Cincinnati is the “fix-and-flip” method. An investor buys a home that needs work, they fix the home up to maximize resale value then “flip” or immediately sell the home. This is a sound strategy to build capital to grow your business because if these projects are done correctly, they can be very profitable and usually within a reasonable time frame.

Kenady Fundings is the expert in financing fix-and-flip loans for Cincinnati investors because the owner Tony Carson is a local real estate investor himself, as well as a mortgage broker. This gives him a unique perspective and incentive to get these investment property loan programs in Cincinnati structured and closed. Why work with someone who just sells loans when you can work with someone actually working in the real estate industry? This is why working with Tony Carson gives you an advantage in your real estate investing business.

Investing in Real Estate
Bridge Loans

A bridge loan simply bridges the gap between now and later. It’s for when the investor knows the money will be coming in at a later date, but they need capital right now for things like replacing a roof on their fix and flip home. Kenady Fundings has the resources and relationships to get you the bridge loan when you most need it.

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Investing in Real Estate
New Construction Loans

Sometimes getting a loan to build a new building or house is hard to get, especially if the investor has other houses under construction. Kenady Fundings knows the inherent value of new construction loans and they are able to help structure and get approvals to get the construction completed and funded.

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Investing in Real Estate